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The following guidelines should be followed to maximize the performance of the KATESPADECONNECT applications. The KATESPADECONNECT applications were designed to operate with different brands and versions of Internet browsers. However there are some minimum requirements that must be observed in order to use KATESPADECONNECT applications.


The following are minimum recommended PC configurations.

Processor Pentium 166 MHz Processor or similar processor like (AMD - K6)
Memory 32 MB
Should have caching capabilities of at least 256 KB
Disk Drive 60 MB free to support caching and storage of temporary internet files
Display Monitor 14" with .28mm dot pitch
Graphics Card 2MB minimum
Capable of supporting 800 X 600 resolution with 256 colors
Modem 56K capable modem
Sound Card Not required to use KATESPADECONNECT applications at this time
Speakers Not required to use KATESPADECONNECT applications at this time
Operating System Microsoft Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0
Internet Software Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.72 or higher
Netscape Navigator 4.08 or Netscape Communicator 4.08
Other Software Internet Service Provide (ISP) Software - An ISP (such as AOL, Mindspring, Compuserv, MCI) will usually have their own software to allow you connect to the internet.
Internet Access 56KBps connection
ISDN, Cable or T1 access is preferable [Note lower access speeds will reduce performance of web site]


Browser Version:

The two most common browsers are Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape's Navigator or Communicator.

The following versions are required to operate the @Market and Supply Link applications.

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer - Version 4.72 or higher
  2. Netscape Navigator - Version 4.08 or higher
  3. Netscape Communicator - Version 4.08 or higher

The following versions are required to operate the Order Tracking application.

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer - Version 3.0 or higher
  2. Netscape Navigator - Version 3.0 or higher
Note: Netscape Communicator is the new product name for Netscape Navigator.

To determine if you have Version 4.XX or above for either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator or Communicator, please perform the following with the browser running on your computer:

  1. Click your mouse on the browser "Help" option.
  2. Select "About Internet Explorer" or "About Navigator".
  3. A window will be displayed that shows the current browser version you are running on your computer.
Browser Configuration:

Although each version of a browser has different configuration settings, the KATESPADECONNECT applications require following settings.

  1. Java and/or JavaScript is enabled.
  2. Cache refresh rate is set to every time or every visit to the page.
  3. Cookies enabled.
Please refer to the configuration settings for your specific browser.

Browser Upgrade:

If you have to upgrade your browser to a newer version, please refer to the upgrade instructions provided by your browser vendor. The instructions to upgrade your browser can be found under browser "help" or the vendor's internet site. For example, Microsoft's main site is: Netscape's web site is:


  1. In order to maximize the visual display of the KATESPADECONNECT applications the display monitor settings should be configured as follows:

    Resolution Screen Settings 800 X 600 (higher resolution is better such as 1024 X 768)
    Color Palette High Color 16 bit or True Color 24 bit
    Refresh Rate Set according to vendor's recommendations
    Font Size Small

  2. In order to achieve the fastest Internet connection with your 56k modem, please refer to the instructions provided by your modem vendor along with the dial-in connection capabilities provided by your ISP.

  3. You may have to perform a software upgrade to your 56k modem if it only supports the K56flex or X2 protocol. In order to achieve the fastest internet connection speed available your 56k modem and ISP need to support the V.90 protocol.


The KATESPADECONNECT applications DO not directly or automatically change your PC Hardware and Software configuration in anyway.

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